Change .. or not?

Read my stars today so thanks to Jonathon Recamier for prompting this post. As always, Jonathon had oblique and cryptic references – this time, to leopards and caterpillars. It got me thinking.

In the effort to ‘develop’ ourselves ought we to subscribe to the view that

(a) a leopard cannot change its spots, or

(b) a caterpillar turns into a butterfly

Life is like that. Full of wondrous contradictions.

So, how do we know if we are just simply are the way we are and the attempt to change is futile?

Or, how do we know if we are capable of change and close to metamorphing into an even more brilliant creature?

Life is full of possibilities. Only you can know when you are ready to handle self-initiated change. If you’re not sure, take a small step outside your comfort zone and test your readiness. You can always step back into your comfort zone. But then, maybe you need to step out even more. How do you know? As always, only you can tell. That’s the beauty of life – there are no answers outside. The answers are within.

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