Presentation Tip – 10 Ways To Stop Boring Your Listeners (How to use Vocal Variety)

Presentation Skills
  Here’s the problem and its remedy is vocal variety. You are giving a speech or presentation and,  although the content is excellent and  matches your audience’s expectation and needs, nobody is listening. Vocal variety can cure your bored audience. Instead you are looking at blank, disinterested faces. Someone is checking their watch, another is doodling, and that person in the front row is struggling to stay awake. Your voice is turning ears off. To put it bluntly, it is boring. The cure for deaf by monotone, (mono-speed, mono-pitch or any other one way or no way), is vocal variety. You need it if you want to be actively heard. Vocal variety is achieved through varying your voice pitch, tone, volume and speaking rate. It’s the combination of these elements…
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Using Powerpoint Better

Death by PowerPoint View more documents from Alexei Kapterev. Have to say I, like many trainers, am guilty of using ppt as a prompt as much as a learning tool. Alexai and others serve to remind us that less can be more. It’s quick to knock up a ppt presentation. It’s more time consuming to put together a learner-focussed package using PowerPoint. Expediency isn’t everything. I’ll make a commitment to making my slide presentations more learner focussed next year.
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