Go To Training: a new e-learning option?

Learning Tools & Tips
I woke up bleary-eyed this morning to sit in on a webinar explaining the new GO TO TRAINING – Online Training Made Easy.   Why would people be interested in an online learning tool? In a snap poll the reasons included having to do more with less (72%), being able to access more people with training (72%) and being able to deliver training more quickly (58%).  So savings (time and money) and reach are the biggest motivators. For me, being able to deliver training in smaller chunks at times that more people are able to be available is also a key reason. For example, this tool enables you to deliver a 5 hour session on a weekend, a 2 hour session in the evening or a 1 hour session at…
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Learning and Quality

On a networking site I belong to there was a great question recently so I thought I'd post the question as well as one of the top answers. Q Anyone with experience applying quality principles to the learning process? Looking for ideas on how quality can be used to reduce time, waste and variability in how people learn. What I'm looking for are more specific examples such as used Kaizen to reduce classroom time by 20%. Used six sigma to measure learning outcomes. Used lean principles ... (more…)
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