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Expertise plays an important role at Natural. Our specific role is to use our expertise to unlock and unleash the potential within people. There’s technical knowledge and practical skills which we impart yet most people gain greatest benefit and learning from constructive self-reflecting on their attitudes and behaviours coupled with mutual sharing of learning experiences. We’re passionate about what we do, and how we do it.   But we’re not all things to all people. If we don’t believe we have the capability to take on an assignment, we’ll willingly let you know and refer you to more appropriate specialists if possible. What is important to us is that you get the best available solution, even if that isn’t us!

>> Programs & Workshops

Team Building
Teams are constantly in a state of change. New members , new teams, new priorities, new businesses, new clients. Help your team consolidate more quickly and become more productive faster by developing the team dynamics and common purpose.

Building Your Team can run as a two day action learning program (no strenuous outdoor activities) or a series of modules – whatever suits your workloads. Essential elements include shared understandings, values, expectations and group dynamics.

Ask us for more details … 0419 988 303.

It’s lonely at the top. And usually you find yourself there with no training. This two day program helps you grapple more effectively with all those people issues.

  • How do I manage, motivate and inspire my team?
  • What works well and what is better left alone?
  • What are my personal strengths in leading a team?
  • How can I make my leadership count?
  • What kind of a legacy can I leave in the job?

Designed for new leaders or those who find they need refreshing on essential skills and techniques. Ask us for details – 0419 988 303.

SB_logo_smlWomen’s Development

Meet your Equity, Diversity and Social Justice plans by incorporating the Springboard Women’s Development Program into your offerrings. Springboard has won awards for its innovation and design, has been conducted since 1993 and in Australia alone over 35,000 women have completed the program, representing more than 230 organisations.

Springboard consists of 4 separate one-day workshops held over a three month period. In between workshops, participants continue self-directed learning using a comprehensive 300+ page A4 sized workbook. At the end of the program, managers have reported increased confidence in participants, better customer and team relationships, more motivation for career improvement to name a few benefits. This is truly an outstanding program. Call us for more details and public course dates - 0419 988 303. For more details, see

Springboard Brochure (pdf file – 2 pages)

Men’s Development

Like Springboard, our men’s program recognises the confusion and displacement some men face today. This program enables men to better handle stress and change, re-energises careers, improves communication skills, encourages improved health and fitness, facilitates the development of goals and how to achieve them all in the comfort and safety of a male environment. Ask us for details about this program.

Communication & Interpersonal
The fact that we can communicate faster and through so many modalities doesn’t seem to have improved our abilities in communicating or relating with others. If anything, it has deteriorated as people short-circuit the process in the name of time and pressure. Our communication and Interpersonal skill development programs can be conducted as courses, short sessions or individual coaching to improve performance and increase success. We’ve found Applying Emotional Intelligence and How to Motivate Staff are popular courses in their own right.

There is a range of modules in this suite of programs. Ask us for details on essential elements for your group – 0419 988 303.

>> Coaching

In many cases, course participation isn’t enough. To gain benefit from formal training, leading organisations have realised that supplemental coaching creates better outcomes. Two key areas where coaching is most effective is in developing people skills and increasing individual productivity.  These two areas are critical to success but a number of people find it difficult to change their behaviour and responses. Coaching addresses that. An external coach has the benefit of being independent and freeing up the time of more senior managers.

Melanie Wass is a trained and experienced performance coach. A founding member of the International Association of Coaches, Melanie works with managers and staff to improve success on the job and personally by clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, strategising solutions and taking action to move forward with confidence.

>> Facilitation

Most of what we do is based on facilitation. Specifically, we facilitate Focus Groups to identify staff issues and ideas, Planning sessions to identify current positions , the future and strategies for moving ahead, Review of organisational structure, Assessment of change initiatives and more.

Natural comprises a select group of professional associates to ensure client requirements are met within set parameters and to the standard we expect.

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