Technology … love it!

There are some exciting new web applications floating around cyberspace these days. Here are a  few I’ve been exploring lately: an e-learning tool that is open source (ie free and collaboratively built). It looks very comprehensive having used the online demo. At some point I may download it and see how it works under the hood. An easy solution to play with. I found Moodle complex to get going but that was when I looked at it in the early days so it may be more user-friendly now. I’ve also looked at LAMS and that seems great too but again not easy to use for the average-joey. Dokeo looks easy to use – I just haven’t spent enough time to work out how to put the content together yet! – a cool web conferencing tool that does not require anyone anywhere to download anything. And it lets you schedule a meeting or do one instantly. It will also send reminders and notices. It even lets you embed the invite into your website. Looks really cool and I’m going to test it out with my AITD buddies to give it a live workout. – an open source customer relationship manager (eg like Act! or Goldmine! or SalesForce etc). I tried the online demo and it is a very big program. Does lots but may be too comprehensive for this little black duck that just wants something relatively simple that will manage email campaigns and newsletter without all the sales management heavy tools. Still, it’s free and seems stable so may be great for some. – way cool. great website. am I finding a tool that I don’t really have a use for? Don’t know but I’m going to play ‘cos it looks so sexy! this look a great tool to put together a book very easily and it provides a publishing option where you can order the book. I’ll let you know when I’ve written mine! seems ok. Can make material public or private. Good to refer participants to after training, or to use as supplemental material after an event. – A funky UK e-learning company. I am looking at being their Aussie agent – contact me for details. – rich media campaigns and viral emails – cool site but has now changed from free to fee. Would have been good to try before giving over credit card details.

Here’s a great source of tools and all things e-learning –

and her directory is at

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