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College of Nursing

"Thank you for stepping up to the mark at the last moment for us. You really helped us and the course was very well evaluated." 
Anne Samuelson, Manager - Continuing Professional Development

"Thank you to The College of Nursing, New South Wales!"

It was a pleasure to work with you. Look forward to catching up again.

Thank you for presenting in the course. The students evaluated the sessions really well and indicated that [it] was a great intro to the course.

Suzanne Hyde, Educator - Continuing Professional Development

Programs conducted with The College of Nursing:

  • Context and the Role of Managers

  • Responses to Organisational Change for New Managers

  • Emotional Intelligence and Motivating Staff, Graduate Certificate Program

  • Team Building, Nursing Unit Management Program

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution, Introduction to Australian Health Care

  • Team Building and Leadership Workshop, Nursing Management Course

  • Managing Unacceptable Behaviour Workshop, Nursing Management Course

  • Performance Management Workshop, Nursing Management Course

  • Staffing Nuts and Bolts, Nurse Unit Manager Program

  • Workforce Planning and Retention, Nurse Unit Manager Program

  • Writing for Managers, Nurse Unit Manager Program

Find out about the education and training opportunities available through the College of Nursing -

training, healthcare Read what participants have to say about Melanie's courses at The College of Nursing 
  • 'Well done - I enjoyed the two days'
  • 'Clarity of the presentation was great'
  • 'Effective use of teaching aids'
  • 'I enjoyed the puzzle game, an excellent reflective tool'
  • 'The comprehensive handouts will be really useful.'
  • 'Very informative, thanks!'
  • 'Clear and easy to understand'
  • 'An excellent two days, solutions to many situations and skills gained in the process'
  • 'I enjoyed and learnt a lot. Feel more positive about being able to deal with situations'
  • 'What a fantastic two days. Melanie was very informative and receptive to us and our needs'
  • 'Great lectures. Enjoyed the interactive sessions'
  • 'Excellent course. Melanie adapted the program to meet our needs'
  • 'Excellent. Good group work.'
  • 'This course has really motivated me'
  • 'Good, practical exercises'
  • 'Good insight into the impact of change on units and individuals'
  • 'Informative and stimulating'
  • 'Appropriate, encouraging, supportive and educational'
  • 'Good topic for opening of course'
  • 'Well presented, enjoyable, relaxing'
  • 'Good start to course'
  • 'Informative'
  • 'An informative session. The lecturer presented in an interesting way easy to listen to and listened to us'
  • 'Good presentation, valuable information and interactive'
  • 'Dynamic presenter with passion for her topic'
  • 'Good use of presentation tools and encouraged class participation'
  • 'Great information'
  • 'Excellent presenter'

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These training programs can be conducted for you! Delivery formats can vary from a short module of 1 hour through to 2 day interactive workshops. There are a wide range of current and effective training programs, workshops, courses and seminars available in addition to these.

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